Product description :
This product is headquartered in the U.S. domestic production Oster Group, a new dust seal concrete curing materials, including selected high activity fluorosilicone material, is environmentally friendly colorless transparent liquid (odorless, colorless, non-toxic, non-combustible), Hardening of the material selected, can penetrate the surface 3-5mm, curing of concrete ingredients to make a strong entity, to make concrete permanently hardening, strengthening and sealing.
Products for the three components
♦ Lawson OS-1 concrete sealed curing agent
♦ Lawson OS-2 Concrete curing agent sealed
♦ Lawson OS-3 high-gloss anti-slip sealed curing agent
1, the product used for curing the new and old concrete surface, making it dust-proof, resistant to wear and suppression of certain chemical substances Royal erosion, improve durability and wear resistance of the concrete surface
2, applies to all industrial plants and warehouses, cargo loading and unloading areas, parking lots
3, for emery abrasion floor hardening and maintenance.
4, especially for treatment from the sand floor.
1, compared with other liquid curing agent, more responsive, more secure, increase strength faster, higher, wider scope.
2, can significantly improve the wear resistance of concrete surface durability.
3, chemical reactions can be cleared through the concrete surface dust team.
4, curing from the sand surface and grass-roots epoxy coating to increase adhesion. Thereby increasing the durability of epoxy layer.
5, the construction time is short, simple, without interrupting production.
6, the cost of economic, cost-effective.
7, in particular, the problem can be used as the increase in wear-resistant floor surface repair agents and agents to improve the wear-resistant floor surface strength.
8, can also be used as a wear-resistant floor of the curing agent and sealing agent.
9, the product from the sand on the floor curing serious as the best product, can not afford to permanently ensure the sand floor and low cost.
Product performance:
1, dust and curing
Lower strength of concrete surfaces and the inherent quality defects, often prone to wear and tear due to traffic from the dust, which will not only generate a lot of dust on forklift safety and can also cause great harm, is the industry's problems of ordinary floor < br /> Aust: Lawson two-step curing agent to remove concrete dust, thereby improving the durability of concrete. First, the product can penetrate the surface layer the following 3-5mm; Second, the product of the hardened concrete in the displacement components and loose material chemical reaction to produce hard insoluble. This chemical reaction can make a few millimeters deep, thick layer of concrete curing seal.
2, wear
This product can remove the loose material in concrete to increase the density of the surface and improve the concrete strength and abrasion resistance, compressive strength and wear resistance can be increased by 50% or more.
3, sealing penetration
This product is insoluble solid reaction of the concrete block can be filled capillary has to produce a dense non-porous surface layer, can improve the impermeability of concrete up to 35% or more.
4, conservation
This product can be sealed concrete and congestion, reduce pores and reduce the evaporation of water in concrete to strengthen the concrete curing, inhibition of turtle cracks.
5, the life
The surface layer of hardened concrete product directly to form a hardened layer (not the additional coating) than the other curing agent, the pigment of the hardened layer "while" more integrated, permanently. Permanently extend the life of the ground.
Construction Description:
1, the preparatory work
Structure of the surface must be treated well, no pollutants, dust and other coatings, cracks and holes must be repaired.
2, the construction
Crying with a low-pressure spray or roller, soft brush evenly brushing. Depending on the extent and permeability of compacted base surface brushing OS-1 components and OS-2 group were the two to three. Cleaning the surface to remove excess material, or drying grain will leave a white bar. As needed, brushing OS-3 components together.
Dosage of 3-4 square / kg, depending on the actual site of absorption rate data may be
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