Product description :
This product is a new two-component ground hardening material, old and new floor can change the overall color is a non-toxic, tasteless green products. The products and the company 0S812-3 supporting the use of two-component interface agent. After using the product with a flexible floor, pressure resistance, abrasion resistance, dust resistance, impact resistance effect.
Products for the two series
♦ Lawson color hardening material
♦ Lawson sand hardening material
Applicable scope:
1, applicable to factories, office buildings, the use of surface
2, the new ground or change the color transformation of the old floor renovation
3 suspected highway or any combination of the soil surface of the patch
1, high adhesion, high strength
2, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, dust-proof, easy to clean
3, waterproof and will not hollowing, from the shell, the car can withstand 30 tons of exercise
4, non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly floor hardening materials
5, the construction of fast, quick-drying, shorten the construction period, construction of the latter two can be used day and night, winter, after four days and nights with
Construction Description:
1, new and old concrete surface can be, you must use the companies supporting the interface agent
2, the old concrete surface shall be removed before construction of the surface dirt, grease, loose particles and all impede the bonding material
3, sand from the concrete floor must be sealed with the company after the construction of the ground curing agent.
Construction steps:
1, water, clean the floor, it will remove water to ensure that the base surface strong, clean, no residue from the sand surface must be hardened concrete
2, Scraping, or roll over the interface surface agents, non-coated drain.
3, table products will change the color of dry curing agent or sand hardened material in the ground two to three times Pingshang Scraping, requirements flat.
4, roller or spray dried one to seal over the OS-2 curing agent
5, sand from the floor must be polished
6, spray again OS-3 slip resistant high gloss hardener
7, prohibited the use of solvent-based materials in the above construction
Colors, gray, green, or according to the actual preparation, deployment of sand available for sampling.
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