Product description :
Thickness :1-5mm (ordinary) surface morphology: bright face (float plane) Service life: 8 years;
Floor features: a seamless surface, wear pressure, acid and alkali, solvent, coloring free, pressure-resistant, easy to clean, bright and clean.
Applicable scope:
Electronic factory, medicine, chemical industry, there are no dust room, food, appearance product, refrigerates, the office, electric apparatus, clothes, exhibition rooming,etc.
The level ground performance technical indicator of ground:

The watch does time (hour)

The time of doing solid work (hour) <24
Totally solidify 3-7 days
Able to bear the scrubing, time >10000
Sticking intensity,N/mm2 >10
Compression strength,N/mm2 >80
Draw the intensity,N/mm2 >50
Crooked intensity,N/mm2 >8

Wearability (700g/500r, weightlessness)

Hardness (pencil hardness) 3H
Able to bear the salt swimming skill, 10% NaCL soaks for 30 days There is no change
It is alkaline to be able to bear, 5% NaOH soaks for 24 hours There is no change
Acid resistance, 5% HCL soaks for 24 hours There is no change
Water-proof, the running water is soaked for 30 days There is no change
Able to bear the lubricating oil, the lubricating oil is soaked for 30 days There is no change
Construction craft:
1, Deal with waterproofly: General the first floor ground need, make waterproof to punish;
2, Deal with plainly: Do well and polish, mend, remove dust to deal with in accordance with the state plainly;
3, The ring scribbles at oxygen bottom: Adopt the permeability and specially strong epoxy resin of adhesive force to scribble and hold once, strengthen the adhesive force of surface;
4, Scribble in oxygen of ring: Will surround and raise resin and adjuvants to stir evenly, it is even and levelling, not there is not the hole to require, scribble and hold once according to the need of reality;
5, Oxygen of ring criticizes the soil: According to design need construct several, strive to be and level so that one scribble and construct;
6, Scribble oxygen of ring: With paint epoxy resin the color that customer appoint, piece scribble one, require even, level, color first, have no hollowing;
7, Made available to the users: Complete, can can have people, 72 hour heavy pressure (temperature low to need appropriate to prolong to solidify time at 20 ℃) 24 hour
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